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Feb 18, 2019

Why Fundraising Consultants in Johannesburg have an obvious advantage

Speak to Catherine a Fundraising Consultant in Johannesburg

Catherine has been working as Fundraising Consultant in Johannesburg for the past 4 years.

Fundraising Consultants in Johannesburg have a distinct advantage.  I am not saying that Fundraising Consultants cannot survive in other provinces in South Africa because they can. There are brilliant people working everywhere in the development sector in South Africa and many Fundraising Consultants I know are pulling in loads of funding even though they live in far flung places (like Cape Town).

Fundraising Consultants succeed everywhere

I have worked as a Fundraising Consultant in three provinces: the Cape, North West and in Gauteng.  Like most fundraisers out here, I have succeeded everywhere.  The obvious advantage however about being Fundraising Consultants in Johannesburg is that the donors generally live there too.  Or rather, the majority of the donors and funders in South Africa live and work in Johannesburg.  There are a couple of CSI head offices in the Cape, and many Trusts and Foundations sit there.  Generally speaking however, Johannesburg has many, many more donors.

But Fundraising Consultants in Johannesburg can meet with donors every week

So being a Fundraising Consultant in Johannesburg just makes life easier.  You can meet with donors every week. If a donor needs you to jump and deliver something personally, you can jump and deliver it at their offices the next day. It can happen tomorrow without you needing to book any flights or hotel rooms. Come December and you want to drop off that personal Christmas gift, you just hop in the car or Uber.

My advice to all my clients who don’t live in Johannesburg is to plan your trips to visit donors regularly.  Don’t wait wait for donors to say yes to a meeting before you book your flight. Book your flight and your hotel room, then tell you donors you will be there at such and such a time and would love to meet with them.

Johannesburg isn’t called the City of Gold for nothing.  For the development sector to grow I want all fundraisers all over South Africa to be visiting us!

And when you do, if you want to speak to a Fundraising Consultant in Johannesburg we would love to hear from you.

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