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Fundraising in South Africa
Feb 13, 2019
Fundraising Consultants in Johannesburg
Feb 26, 2019

It may be time to speak to Fundraising Consultant if you are wondering how to raise more funding for your NPO.

At Funding Solutions you will find a Fundraising Consultant willing to talk to you. We take calls from NPOs across South Africa all the time.  Most people all come to us with the same problem.  How can  I raise more funds for my cause?

I love working as a Fundraising Consultant

I love working as a Fundraising Consultant in South Africa. Every week I come across every day South Africans who want to change our country for the better.  Last week Ellen phoned me from East London.  She was battling to raise more funding for her very established NPO.  Peter phoned me the week before.  He has a micro-finance social enterprise.  1500 families lives are changed each year because of his programme.  This week Thandi phoned me from Hammanskraal.  She is concerned about job creation and skills development amongst the youth in her community.  I hope that I was able to help them all just with my advice.   Sometimes people just need to be  to be pointed in the right direction.

Generally speaking established NPOs either employ an internal fundraiser or they  can afford to buy in external fundraising capacity from a Fundraising Consultant.  The people who cannot afford it need to keep chipping away at it by themselves.

The good news is that if you are determined, there are Fundraising Consultants who can help you. Fundraising consultants in South Africa run workshops and training sessions.  Some Fundraising Consultants have hours they can allocate to raise funds for NPOs.

Fundraising Consultants don’t generally work on commission

The hard news is that any experienced Fundraising Consultant is unlikely to work on a commission basis.  Most NPOs who contact a Fundraising Consultant hope they will find someone prepared to do this. In my experience it is mainly the fly-by-nights who think that fundraising on commission is an option. The truth is that it can take between 12 and 18 months before you see any turnaround.  Sometimes it is 2 years before any funding comes in.  Commission based Fundraising Consultants tend to disappear when they realise that the funding (and the commission) doesn’t come in quickly.

Fundraising is about investing in ongoing dedicated fundraising capacity.

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