Our Experience

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced fundraisers. Our mission is to help NPOs that are solving crucial problems affecting South African society - from unemployment to education projects and environmental problems - to get raise the funds they need so that they can change the world in their own unique and significant way.

Catherine Smetherham

Catherine has worked in the non-profit and fundraising sector in South Africa for over 20 years in the roles of Project Leader, Fundraiser, Co-Founder of an organisation and Fundraising Coach. She has extensive experience in developing relationships with donors, writing proposals and reports, building donor bases and developing sustainable fundraising strategies for NPOs. She has also worked on the other side of the funding desk as a Grants Officer for an organisation managing the CSI funds of some of South Africa’s biggest multinational companies. This work gave her a bird’s eye view of the development sector in South Africa and an understanding of the inner workings of a CSI department.

Jo-Anne Smetherham

Jo-Anne is an award-winning journalist with over 18 years’ experience in writing for the media and, as a public relations practitioner, for clients including many non-government organisations. Her experience has given her exceptional communication skills and an understanding of how to win hearts and minds through building relationships and telling stories.

Helen Vosloo

Helen has experience in fundraising and building partnerships within corporate SA, international donors and philanthropic bodies as well as local, provincial and national government. She has spearheaded benefit events from concept through to the event and wrapping up afterwards, including liaising with the media. Helen entered fundraising through her career as one of the country’s foremost performing musicians and as founder / director of Keiskamma Music Academy, a rural music education and performance programme in the Eastern Cape.

Danny Wimpey

Danny is a qualified and experienced lawyer. She entered the NPO field by working for Legal Aid and has since honed her skills in fundraising, specialising in proposal writing with a focus on major grant donors such as the National Lottery Board. She has extensive experience in donor research.

A full list of our NPO clients

We are proud to be associated with their invaluable work of our NPO partners,
who address a wide variety of social and environmental needs.


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