Welcome to Funding Solutions

We offer a variety of services to help NPOs get the money they need
so that they can continue changing the world for good.

We are a team of experienced fundraisers serving the NPO sector - Catherine and Jo-Anne Smetherham, Helen Vosloo and Danny Wimpey and we love what we do!

Catherine Smetherham

Jo-Anne Smetherham

Helen Vosloo

Danny Wimpey

Funding Solutions offers you the skills and experience gained from many decades of experience in professional fundraising,
and the wide variety of skills this requires. This knowledge, along with our passion for helping to create a better world,
will give your organization the best possible service for raising the funds that will ensure its sustainability.

Our Experience

Our qualifications and decades of experience, along with our dedication to our clients, will help you gain the funds your NPO needs.
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Favourite Quotes

  • Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.
  • Fundraising is about building and sustaining relationships.
  • Fundraising is about relationships - people give to people!